The Truth behind my first 21 Day meditation Challenge #InnerPeaceApocalypse

Now I would love to announce I am the poster girl for inner peace and cosmic calm, but I’m actually worse than when I started… buuuutttt!!! 

This is on the surface, deep down I feel lighter and brighter, and in a state of harmony with my life. 

On the surface I am a wobbly wreck, everything that I usually keep bottled up and tucked away from general public consumption, is dangerously near the surface, I currently have a hair trigger, that could explode at any moment, and often does. 

My tolerance and self control of my emotions is out the window, but it feels good, it’s like I’m having such a deep seated declutter, that the face I usually put across the top and pretend everything is super wonderful has gone.

And I’m clearing out physically with my ‘plant paradox’ eating plan, which is enabling the meditation work to actually have full blown access to what needs to be worked thru and transformed.